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Tools · Usage · Resources · Specifications and Development XML Schemas express shared vocabularies and allow machines to carry out rules made by people.

For example, assume that credentials are needed when requesting data from the web for authentication purposes.The tables in this article list the types that are obsolete in the . Because these types are obsolete, all their members are also obsolete. Use the following links to see a list of the obsolete types and the recommended alternatives in each assembly. Use of this type is not recommended because template editing is handled in System. Unless the web virtual directory allows anonymous access, you must set the You can supply different credentials for different URIs and add them to a cache.These credentials are used to check authentication for the different URIs regardless of the original source of the XML.

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xml Document = new Xml Document(); xml Text Reader = new Xml Text Reader(file Info. Settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); xml Text Reader. Max Characters From Entities = 0; var vr = new Xml Validating Reader(xml Text Reader); vr.

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