Who is gilbert arenas dating now millionaire dating show tv

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all over each other while on a lunch date out in L. The pics come days after Fisher published a middle-finger style article about Barnes -- painting Matt as a violent, crazy ex who attacked Fisher out of jealousy back in October.

obviously trying to send a message that they're NOT AFRAID of Matt Barnes.

but now it's clear, they want EVERYONE to know they're a couple ...

Fisher and Govan have been careful about keeping the PDA out of the public eye for months ...

Then, in less than a decade, the home-court advantage gap was sliced in half.

Laura Govan is not married yet but she was in long relationship with her boyfriend.

She started dating Gilbert Arenas, who is the renowned basket ball player and he plays for Washington Wizards in NBA.

It is, as Purple calls it, "the VIP treatment."Welcome to the world of top-shelf partying, where the NBA player can come to revel in his hard-earned fame and fortune.

It's everything you think of when you imagine the star-athlete lifestyle. It's happening, these days, far less than you think.

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Not only that, but it also put forward the allegations, according to which, Gilbert sold the million dollar engagement ring that he gave to her back in 2008 without her consent.