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It’s my go to for times I have bulk fruit or veggies and not enough time to do something fancy.

If you make it this far, this is around the time people start feeling comfortable with each other.For more information, check out the introductory post: So, just stay tuned for updates about it over the next few weeks!the last post about dating in Lebanon, and how hard it is to meet someone. As I talked about previously, it's hard to meet someone in Lebanon because of the limited possibilities and opportunities. Technically, it's practically limitless, and all you need to use it is a connected device and at least a hint of digital media literacy.And regardless if they are advertising it or not, as a sociologist, this signals a few things to me.The first (as I have mentioned) is there is a lack of (public) social space available to meet people in a face-to-face location.

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I didn’t cover the tomatoes with the EVOO, as I knew it wouldn’t take long to eat through the uncovered tomatoes.